Library “Between the Leaves”

“Between the Leaves” Library is a social project of the “For Oborishte” Foundation, in which Simple.Architecture is involved in charity to support its cultural orientation. The aim of the library is to offer free exchange of books to passers-by in one of the metropolitan parks in Sofia. Some of them are donated by publishing houses, others are left by the readers themselves. Everyone can come, take a book, and after reading it, bring it back to its place.

The main idea of ​​the project is to offer a covered but open space in which the books can be stored. The construction is a cube with a side of 2.50m. The cube has one main entrance and one openwork wall, providing enough light in the interior. The other walls are shelves from floor to ceiling, creating maximum storage space.

When the visitor enters the library, he is completely surrounded by books, light and natural parkland. In this way the name of the library “Between the Leaves”, given to it by the “For Oborishte” Foundation, acquires a real sense.

The overall construction is designed to be implemented with a budget of only 500 euros and made entirely by volunteers. The materials used are wood, OSB and metal and the base is made of concrete blocs. The shape of the elements and their cutting lines are designed in the most simple way to be easily made and assembled, and to reduce the waste of material to minimum.




Sofia, Bulgaria


Social volunteer project


Detailed design