Private House in Sofia

The house is situated on the edge of a residential neighborhood in the southern outskirts of Sofia. The plot has a slight northeast-facing slope and, from a higher point, offers a panoramic view of the city – an element that is taken into account in the project. The surrounding buildings are private houses from different time periods and do not have a defined identity. Some are very eclectic and have no link with the natural environment. This also plays a role in the choices made for the project.

The client has a clear vision regarding the number of rooms and their functional layout. One of his wishes is to orient the house rationally towards the south, and thus to capture a maximum of sunlight and solar energy.

All these factors that do not have a physical dimension are analyzed and summarized in one simple proposition. The house is built from five parallelepipeds with square bases forming a symmetrical plan, which at first sight seems abstract and disconnected from its environment.

The house comprises of five identical volumes sunken to different depths into the ground creating a stepped composition. Some roofs become accessible terraces offering near or far views. Inside, the volume game continues: the spaces have different heights emphasizing the spatial and functional hierarchy. All levels of the house are linked through the staircase positioned in the central volume. The openings in the facade also contribute to the orientation of the house. They correspond to the desired light quantity and quality and also to the view of each interior space and together opt for a maximum of glazed area towards the south. The house is built of reinforced concrete. On the outside, rough concrete is the only visible material. Inside it is reserved for the day spaces on the ground floor creating a contrast with the night spaces which are coated in white.




Sofia, Bulgaria


Private commission


Pre-design, Schematic design, Design development