AD LIB Pavilion

Ad. Lib. – (adv./adj.) – from Latin ad libitum

  1. Spoken or performed without previous preparation
  2. As much and as often as desired

The National Opera in Warsaw organized a competition for its new urban pavilion which will hold a variety of cultural events in the city. One of the requirements was the pavilion to be easy to assemble because it would regularly change its place. Another one was to use only recyclable materials since the pavilion would be fully recycled once it serves no more its purpose.
The project proposal includes the construction of a system of columns using wooden coils for their base and cardboard pipes for their shaft. Once placed, a burlap roll is stretched around the columns thus defining the interior spaces. The inclination of the pipes at 73 degrees allows endless possibilities of composition shapes always adapted to the event’s needs.




Warsaw, Poland




Pre-design, Schematic design, Design development