Private house in Cap d’Ail

The house is located on a rectangular flat levelled plot inward into the mainland near Cap d’Ail in Southern France with no direct sea view. The client wishes to create his own oasis to compensate the remoteness of the seashore. The house is composed of three outdoor spaces – a backyard with a pool, a backyard garden and a central patio. The terrain is surrounded by a solid fence, whose line in plan forms the main entrance. The house itself is a rectangle which lies on two of the fencing walls. In the rectangle there are four volumes situated crosswise, which on the outside form the living room, the kitchen with the dining room, the relaxation area and the entrance hall.
On the inside, these four volumes outline the shape of the patio. Three of them are bedrooms and the fourth is the bathroom with WC. The structural grid built in columns and beams is partially hidden in the distribution walls. The project relies on an infinitely pure architecture, a worshipper of Mies Van der Rohe. The large sliding glass windows allow the house to open completely and blur the boundaries between internal and external spaces. In contrast, there are the bedrooms and the bathroom, which, as more intimate spaces, are orientated towards the patio, thus hiding from unwanted glances.




Cap d’Ail, France


Investor project


Pre-design, Schematic design, Design development