Co-working office building

The mission combines two functions in a common project: a co-working space and a campsite. The land is located just a few meters from the Black sea coast and is very flat, which allows for a relatively low height view towards the sea.

The main functions of the campsite, as well as the spaces necessary for the good working atmosphere, are grouped in a common building. It is situated along the road and thus plays the role of a visual barrier. This creates a forecourt, which can serve as a parking lot or as a place for various events. Behind the building, protected from external views, remains the campsite.

At first glance, the architecture can be summed up in two elements: a solid concrete bridge-like structure held up at the ends and perforated wooden screens. This simple shape hides many surprises and varied spaces that are gradually revealed to the visitor. He realizes that the two ends of the bridge are not really massive. These are hollow volumes that house showers, toilets and service and storage spaces, accessible from the sides of the plot and thus remaining discreet. Behind the vertical wooden poles are the three main spaces: a kitchen with a reception desk, a co-working space and a conference room.

The kitchen with the reception desk is the first space, which the visitor enters. In front of it there is a large outdoor terrace with tables and chairs forming a space for both catering and comfortable relaxation. The workplaces are accessible by two identical galleries. The co-working space has its own small patio, which captures natural light and also provides a harmonious and calm environment for those who work there. The concrete wall is a base on which several low plants can be noticed. The conference room is connected to the co-working space by a sliding door system, which allows the two volumes to be combined into one. It has a high placed window that brings the sliding zenith light to the back wall.

The visitor has the opportunity to go up on the roof, from where he can contemplate the magnificent view of the sea. He could also notice that the massive concrete body he sees from below is actually a thin banister surrounding the roof terrace.

Planked concrete takes the vertical direction of the wooden boards. The use of raw materials gives the building a vision similar to that of the surrounding farm buildings.

The project can be used both by campers and by people and companies wishing to organize different types of events.




Krapets, Bulgaria


Private commission


Pre-design, Schematic design, Design development