Project X

Temporary Center for the Accommodation and Treatment of Patients with COVID-19

The project arises from the need to provide sufficient bed capacity to accommodate patients infected with COVID-19. The center aims to group all affected people into an independent temporary ward, thus allowing hospitals to return to standard operating mode. Separation of patients with COVID-19 provides not only better control over those affected by the virus, but also calmer operation of society in general.

The project is a temporary construction made of quick and easy to assemble metal and concrete elements. The enclosing walls are made of polycarbonate panels that simultaneously provide a visual barrier on the outside and rich and soft, scattered light inside. The whole structure is arranged in a grid of 6m x 6m. This modular system allows the construction of a variety of large-sized rooms, tailored to the specific needs of the respective healthcare organization, with each building capable of accommodating a specific function. A plan cleared of all unnecessary elements gives great freedom in organizing the interior space.
The height of the structure is dictated by the dimensions of the polycarbonate panels used for the facade. Two 2m high boards form a total height of 4m, completely sufficient for the practical requirements of the respective healthcare organization as well as for the feeling of a spacious volume. All building elements can be easily dismantled and recycled once the building unit has completed its mission.








Pre-design, Schematic design