Private house in Rhodopes

The project is located in the upper neighborhood of a village in the Rhodopes in Bulgaria. The plot, with southwestern exposure, located just below the road, offers a unique view of 180 degrees to the beautiful curves of the mountain. The steep terrain with a slope of 30% creates the feeling of flight. The neighboring houses are ordinary, but the wooden farms and sheds scattered around the village are reminiscent of local building customs, strongly influenced by the culture of woodworking.

The house is a black box, piercing the slope and overhanging the lowlands, supported by two monumental reinforced concrete supports. Although from the road it is almost invisible, as its flat roof is equal to the level of the asphalt, at the bottom of the plot, where the living room, kitchen and dining room are located, it rises more than 6 meters above the ground thus enhancing the feeling of flight from the large panoramic loggia at the end.

Both bedrooms have their own loggias and are designed to provide complete peace and privacy to the occupants, as the view from neighboring houses to the interior is impossible. On the other hand, each room has its own view of the distant peaks.

Full-height sliding glass doors are used to strengthen the connection between the interior and the exterior. In this way, the spaces can be completely open or closed depending on the wishes of the occupants.

The house is made of visible concrete, which is the only material in the interior. Its monolithic posture gives it a feeling of refuge, a place where one can feel completely protected. All interior furniture is white. Minimizing any decorative elements and visual stimuli enhances the colors of the seasons and the shapes of the surrounding environment. Thus, the house establishes a strong connection with nature and provides a peaceful atmosphere for the spirit and senses.

The outer shell of the house is made of wooden planks painted black. The material is inspired by the nearby farms, reflects local building customs and fits the house into the rural atmosphere of the village in which it is located.




Rhodopes Mountain, Bulgaria


Investor project


Pre-design, Schematic design, Design development, Construction documents