CR Hair Salon & Academy

The project consists of redesigning the interior for a hair styling salon and academy. The space is located on the ground level of an existing building in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and occupies a surface of 150m2. It is divided into three main zones – a practice zone, an exhibition/product area, and a conference room. The practice zone regroups 10 workspaces, 2 wash basin chairs, a color bar, and a back bar. All three zones are conceived like one big open space where one can seamlessly move from one zone to another. Thanks to the big windows on the main façade the salon is completely exposed and promotes its activity easily to the public space outside.

The main idea of this project was to create an atmosphere that emphasizes the moment of relaxation and self-care for the visitors. To achieve this all surfaces are treated with the same material, in warm and light earth toned color providing for a feeling of oneness. The very few additional color touches come from the furniture and the products on the shelves. Thus, this concept is in line with the elegant and luxurious image of the client’s brand, and provides soft and smooth atmosphere for all visitors.




Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Private commission


Pre-design, Schematic design, Design development, Construction documents


Studio Blenda