L house

The project is being built on a terrain with pronounced steepness and southern orientation. The location offers views to the south-west and to the west towards Romania and the TV Tower of Ruse. The street shaping the upper border of the plot provides the main access to the property.

The house is composed of three main axes forming angles of 60 degrees. On the first and highest axis, along the street, there is a guest wing at the western end of the property, and next to it there are the main daily functional spaces of the house: a vast living room, kitchen and dining areas, a service kitchen, an office, a gym and spa center, and a covered parking for visitors. This level also offers an outdoor infinity pool with a large, spacious terrace plunging towards the beautiful view of the surrounding nature.

The second, intermediate axis, oriented to the southeast, provides a more intimate environment where the night spaces are located: master bedroom, children’s rooms, study and play area. On this level, there are also a cinema hall, a man cave, a private underground parking and all types of technical and storage spaces.

The lowermost axis, oriented to the west, houses another guest wing. It has an open space containing a living room, kitchen and dining room, as well as three bedrooms with bathrooms and toilets. This last wing is connected to the covered car parking on the top level by an external staircase, completing the clear triangular composition of the project.

The sought-after architecture has a distinct geometry and clean lines and follows the topography and natural features of the property. The large glazed facades orient the project and contrast the solid white walls, creating a minimalist and timeless architecture.




Ruse, Bulgaria


Private commission


Pre-design, Schematic design, Design development, Construction documents, Interior project