Library v2

The v2 library project arose as a continuation of the “Library between the leaves” initiative, organized by the “Za Oborishte” foundation. Since 2012, the foundation has been building temporary libraries in urban and park environments with the aim of promoting the free exchange of books between city inhabitants. Everyone is free to take or leave a book, giving the library an ever-changing look. The last pavilion of the “Library between the leaves” was also designed by Simple Architecture, and for more than 5 years it has welcomed people of various age, social and ethnic groups in the Borisova Garden Park. Time and weather took their toll on its construction, and this gave rise to the next library.

The new project is built on a modular system consisting of arcuate 90-degree modules. Depending on their number, they can be combined in the most diverse ways, easily adapting to the different environment in which they are placed. The project has the potential to evolve over time as it has no beginning and no end. It can easily follow the increasing or decreasing number of books, making it extremely flexible.

Each module is composed of 15 vertical elements, ensuring the stability of the structure and serving to support the shelf and its adjacent visor. The tapering of the vertical elements is intended, on the one hand, to make them high enough to attract the attention of passers-by, and on the other hand, low enough not to prevent natural light from reaching the book service area more easily. The material is light, homogenous and monochromatic, letting the books bring in the color and complement the overall composition. The library is constantly looking for new sponsors, with the goal being to make it a permanent and recognizable element of the urban environment not only in Sofia, but also beyond the borders of the capital.




Sofia, Bulgaria




Pre-design, Schematic design, Design development, Construction documents