Private house in Kavarna

The project is located in a Black Sea village, not far from the resort “Rusalka”. The property is on the border between the urbanized area of ​​the village and the agricultural fields nearby. Due to its flat nature, it provides a spacious panoramic view: the landscape is composed mainly of cereal plantations, in the north one can see many wind turbines, and the eastern end of the property is bordered by dense woody vegetation.

The main idea of ​​the project is to create a visual hierarchy and depth of spaces depending on their function, while allowing residents to enjoy the landscape and ensure their security and privacy. For this reason, the house fits into a square, separating three courtyards: entrance, day and night.

Each of them opens to the environment through an automated portal. Thus, the architecture has the ability to blur the boundaries between interior and exterior or to emphasize them, depending on the preferences of the residents.

The house is composed on one level, and the day spaces are separated from the night ones in two independent but connected volumes. All interior and exterior walls and ceilings are made with hand-applied plaster, with a rough texture and color close to the earth tones of the surrounding agricultural atmosphere.




Kavarna, Bulgaria


Investor Project


Pre-design, Schematic design, Design development, Construction documents