Private house in Paros

The property is located in close proximity to the sea, but due to the nature of its topography, there is no direct view of it. The area has low grass and shrub vegetation and no existing natural protection from the sun. These factors, together with the investor’s wish for a house larger than the permitted above-ground construction on the island, are fundamental in the development of the project idea.

The house is completely sunken into the ground and consists of 13 modules with a square-shaped plan that are combined in different ways to create a spatial organization. The modules are divided into residential units and patio units with the basic principle being that each residential unit has at least one adjacent patio. This creates a constant flow from interior to exterior and vice versa and reinforces the connection between them – the house could not exist without one of these two components. The living areas are vast open spaces and include a living room, kitchen and dining room, as well as three separate bedrooms, each with its own bathroom and toilet. In addition, there is a garage that houses a technical room and a storage place. The geometry of the exterior spaces is enhanced by the monumental circular openings in the roof slab, which create a unique character for the house. The planting of the building into the ground, together with its green roof, enhance the house’s energy efficiency and the microclimate in the interior.

The visitor’s path starts from an entrance patio, which serves also as a parking space. In this way, the access of outsiders is carefully controlled. Beyond this patio one enters another patio-garden, marked by Greece’s emblematic olive tree. Next are the day zones and at the end – the night zones. Each exterior space has its own character due to its different functions and landscaping. In contrast to the wild nature around, within the premises of the house every tree is cultivated and carefully maintained.

The interior of the house is decided entirely in white, with small and moderate touches of wood. Thus, the building is turned into a light box, where light and shadows play to create the necessary dynamics and decoration during different hours and seasons. Both the architecture and the interior have been meticulously designed to create an atmosphere conducive to complete tranquility and meditation.




Paros, Greece


Private commission


Pre-design, Schematic design